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To Immortal Glory

On 10 April, Guru tumbled down from the chair. It caused him severe pain. On the 11th he observed fast as it was Sri Rama Navami. He sent away all the articles of his daily personal worship to his cousin brother.

The 5th day of June 1973: It was the Jyeshtha Shukla Panchami of the Hindu calendar. Breathing trouble became aggravated. He was given a bath. He completed his 'sandhya - vandan' (ablutions) and while sitting on his easy - chair, kept his 'Kamandalu' (water pitcher) on his right side, indicating an onward journey. On other occasions, he used to keep the Kamandalu on his left side always. But today it was different. "Every thing is ready. I can start any time" - he said to a by-standing visitor He joined in the Sangh prayer in the evening.

Guru left his mortal coil a p.m., attaining immortal glory.

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