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In College

Bhauji's desire was that Madhav should become a doctor. As preparatory to it, Madhav joined the course of First Year Science in Ferguson College, Pune, in June 1922. But that was not to be. On account of a new rule to admit only the residents of that province in the Pune College Madhav returned to Nagpur and secured admission in the Hislop College. He stayed in the house of his maternal uncle and pursued his studies.

Madhavrao was a brilliant student in his college days. Once, during the course of a class-lecture, the teacher, Prof. Gardener, wrongly quoted a verse from the Bible. Madhavrao promptly pointed it out, "Sir, what you said is not accurate. The line reads thus." The surprised teacher, who had taught the Bible for years, sent for a copy of the text. It was found that what Madhavrao had recalled was the correct version. The learned professor was all praise for the talent and memory of his young student.

On another occasion, while lecturing on a particular plant, the professor of botany said, "This plant is not available in this region." Madhavrao kept silent for the time being. But on the very next day, he displayed his keen observation by producing in the class the said plant, which he had brought from beneath an old bridge in the city.

In 1924 he passed his Intermediate Science in First Class.

Later, Madhavrao joined Banaras Hindu University for his B.Sc. course.

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