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Then began Guru's untiring and countrywide tours with meticulously planned itinerary. During the tours, as a wandering mendicant, he would spend each night in a different city or village, ceaselessly participating in camps, rallies, meetings, discussions, training- camps, 'baithaks' (structured organizational meetings) and contacts, inspiring thousands of youths, educating them about the significance of Sangh work and instilling in them a missionary zeal for whole hearted involvement in the task of national rejuvenation. In the meantime, Guru had to protect the growing organization from the hostile British rulers. He skillfully managed each such crisis.

In response to the call given by Guru in 1942, thousands of youths all over the country vowed to dedicate themselves entirely for the Sangh work, on a wholesome basis. Thus Sangh Shakhas sprouted even in remote corners of the country. Sangh activities thus grew apace.

During tours Guru was very particular about keeping to the time-schedules, totally unmindful ofvagaries of weather, floods, winds, heat or cold. Nothing came in the way of his predetermined programs. Never for a moment did he feel 'superior' as the Sarsanghchalak of such a vast organization. If no conveyance were available, he would walk the whole distance without a murmur. Once rains began to pour right at the time of the Prarthana (Sangh prayer). The Swayam- sevaks were naturally upset. One of them made him bold, opened an umbrella and tried to hold it over Guru. Without disturbing his posture of prayer, Guru closed the umbrella with his left hand and completed the prayer in the torrential rain. While talking to the Karyakartas soon thereafter he said: "If we are scared of even inclement weather, how can we achieve our goal? Those ready to do anything for the cause of the country should pay least heed to the needs of their body. How could we become eligible for worship of the nation, unless we overcome the nature?"

The basic endeavor of the Sangh is: to bring a person to the Sanghasthan, observe him closely, inform him about the Sangh work, instruct him in the Sangh thoughts, persuade him, and finally make that person commit himself to the Sangh ideology and patriotism through the daily and periodic programs of the Sangh. Other Sangh activities like games, 'baithaks', discussion-sessions, physical exercise, patriotic songs, Prarthana, etc., are supplementary aids to the above process. Individuals should mix and mingle with one another on the basis- of their shared national outlook and become one with the strong bond of brotherhood and discipline. Only then could the problems faced by the country be solved. This was the essence of fcthe teachings of Guru.

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