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The Grass Uprooted

In his hurried walk, he stumbled on a stump of grass and was about to fall. He became very angry. The roots of that type of grass go deep into the earth. But he was   undeterred. He wrath would brook no opposition. He sat down right there in that burning sun, removed that grass to its root from the earth, and then resumed his journey.

His name was Chanakya. Seeing all this stood another man, at the door of the choultry. He was young but looked bright. He was Chandragupta, and was the officer in charge of the choultry. And he thought, "What a determined man! Such a person's help is worth having."

He went to Chanakya, addressed him very respectfully, and took him into the choultry with all courtesy.

Chanakya made inquiries about him and asked, "Who are you? You seem to be worried."

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