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The great book 'Artha-shastra' written by Chanakya is world famous. Even European politicians, sociologists and economists study this book with interest.

It begins with a narration of how to bring up royal princes and how their education should be. How to choose ambassadors and how to use spies is then explained. How to protect a king against dangers and risks is also dealt with. Law and order, the duties of the police, how to control the wealthy citizens and motivate them to make gifts for charitable purposes, methods of preventing wars, duties of the astrologer, the priest and others, tricks to be employed to eliminate enemy kings, ways of inducing sleep in human beings and animals-these and numerous other subjects are discussed by Chanakya in the treatise. The wide range and variety of the subjects is itself surprising.

His sharp intellect is astonishing. According to Chanakya, the primary duty of a king is to protect "Dharma" or righteousness in society. That king who upholds righteousness and virtue will have happiness in this world and also in the next. Another significant statement made by Chanakya is that a king who uses his power improperly and unjustly also deserves to be punished.

"The sacred task of a king is to strive for the welfare of his people incessantly. The administration of the kingdom is his religious duty. His greatest gift would be to treat all as equals."

"The happiness of the commoners is the happiness of the king. Their welfare is his welfare. A king should never think of his personal interest or welfare, but should every try to find his joy in the joy of his subjects."

"These words were written two thousand and three hundred years ago by Chanakya, the expert statesman and wise sage. And Chanakya is also another name forcourage and perseverance.

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