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"The Kingdom is yours"

The officer with great reverence said, "Sir, my name is Chandraguta."

"You look as if you have gone through a lot of suffering and have great worries. You can tell me why."

"I am in dire trouble, Sir," said Chandraguta. "But should I worry you with my troubles?"

"Still you can tell me. I shall see if I help you," said Chanakya, with a degree of assurance.

I am the grandson of kingSarvarthasiddhi," Chandragupta, began his tale of woe. "He had two wives, Sunandadevi and Muradevi. Sunanda got nine sons called the

Navanandas. Mura had only one called Maurya and he was my father. We were a hundred brothers. The Nandas, out of jealousy, tried to kill all of us. All others were killed   and somehow I have survived. I am really disgusted with all that has happened. This is my painful story. I have suffered much because of the Nandas. Would you help me to come out of my agony?"

Chanakya was greatly moved by this tale of woe. He thought that somehow he must help Chandragupta. I will get you the Kingship Chandragupta," he consoled him. "But look, these Nandas have not directly, offended me in any way. With some ruse, I will first see that they ill-treat me. And then, you may feel sure, your work is done."

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