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Freedom from the Greeks

By now Chanakya had made the rustic boy playing the role of kings in boyish games into a great leader educated at Takshashila. He had made him a military commander too.

The source of strength for Chandragupta and his army was the power of mind and the towering personality of Chanakya. In that war of independence for Northern India, Chandragupta was the physical instrument, while its thinking brain was Chanakya.

In the primary task of elimination the Satraps, one Satrap by name Nicossar was killed even when Alexander was alive, and another, Philip, was killed after his death. After Alexander's death in Babylon, all his Satraps were either killed or dislodged, one by one. Alexander's lieutenants divided his empire among themselves in 321 B.C. No realm east of the Indus - the river Sindhu -wasmentioned in that settlement. It meant that the Greeks themselves had accepted that this region had gone out of their rule.

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