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This is The Man

Later Chanakya met Chandragupta.

Even of Chandragupta, very little is known. Several things are said about his family. Probably he belonged to the Moria community. (He got the name of Chandragupta Maurya afterwards and his royal lineage came to be known as the Maurya dynasty). His mother was perhaps a daughter of a village headman. His father, king of a forest area called Pippatavana, died in a war. The mother came to Pataliputra with her son.

The boy grew up as a village lad among other village boys. But he was a leader by birth. Even as a boy he was accepted as a leader by all other boys. His word was law to them.

Chandragupta and other boys used to play in a field. There was a tall boulder. The boy Chandragupta would be seated on the rock. In there games hewas always the king.

The other boys were all his * subjects. They would bring up their quarrels and disputes before him. He would hear the arguments on both sides and pronounce his degree.

Once Chanakya was passing that way. He was attracted by the dignity with which the boy was seated and the radiance of his face. He stood watching the play.

Chanakya was astonished by the sharp intellect and the style of the boy's speaking while judging the disputes.

'If king Nanda were dethroned, the realm would need an able king. Chanakya thought this boy would make a good king.

He stood there until game was over. Then he talked to the boy. Chanakya's physical features were ugly. That was why king Nanda had treated him with contempt. But the boy Chandragupta became aware of the intellect behind that face, and developed great respect for Chanakya.

Chanakya talked to him affectionately. He came to know who he was and his circumstances. He went with the boy to his house and spoke to his mother and other elders.

He said, "Send the boy with me. He will have his education at Takshashila."

Chandragupta's mother was at first unwilling to send the boy with a stranger. But what future did the boy have in a village? And how to educate this fatherless boy?

Schooling in Takshashila would be a boon, a divine gift. This chance might not come again.

She was highly impressed by the brilliance of the stranger's face and also by his good words. Chandragupta left for Takshashila with Chanakya.

For seven or eight years Chandragupta had his education there, and that, with teachers selected by Chanakya. The art of warfare and the art of government were mastered by him equally well.

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