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Chandanadasa to the Gallows

When Amatya Rakshasa fled from Pataliputra, he could not take his wife and children with him. His wife was pregnant. He left his wife and children with Chandanadasa who was a very intimate friend of his.

Chanakya tried very hard to find out where Amatya was hiding. He found that his wife and children were in Chandanadasa's house. He sent for Chandanadasa and talking of sundry matters, he suddenly asked, "By the way, Amatya Rakshasa's wife and children are in Your house, aren't they'?

Chandanadasa trembled. He understood why he had been sent for. He could guess that his very life was at stake now. 'What if?’ he thought. 'One should never betray a friend. To surrender Amatya Rakshasa's wife and children would be against all canons of good conduct and virtue. Chanakya is a very cruel person., He might not hesitate to do anything to them. Even if I die, I should not betray my friend.' So resolving, Chandanadasa said, "Your Honour, I do not know anything about them".

Chanakya's eyes were red with anger. He said, "Think well and speak the truth, Chandanadasa. Remember that traitors to the king get only one punishment, namely death. "

Chandanadasa knew that his end was near. He saluted Chanakya and replied, "Sir, your pleasure. You are capable of doing anything. But I can only say that I do not know anything about Amatya Rakshasa's family."

Chanakya in his heart appreciated his loyalty. He thought, 'Whatever the circumstance, this true friend will not betray. He should not be killed. Anyone must appreciate his loyalty to his friend. Killing one with such loyalty is no virtue. But if an order is proclaimed that he is being hanged, and if it is made to reach Amatya, then he will surely come here."

In outward anger, he thundered, "Throw this traitor into prison." He proclaimed that Chandanadasa would be hanged.

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