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Troops Are Amassed

Details are not available as to how exactly Chanakya and Chandragupta fought against the Greeks. Chandragupta was not a king, nor had he any position. It would by no means be easy for such an one to gather a big army. But even this seemingly impossible work was made possible because of Chanakya's expertise. Both of them toured in different areas. They gathered soldiers mainly from the mercenary communities.

Chanakya felt that this was not enough. He befriended a king by name Parvataka, or Parvetesha of the Himalayan region and secured his help for Chandragupta. Thus Chandragupta could get the support of the strong Himalayan soldiers.

Alexander had settled some Greeks wherever he went. But they did not wish to stay there and wanted to return to Greece. Alexander had divided the realms he conquered in India into some regions and had appointed 'Satrraps' to rule them. Some of them were Greeks and some were Indians. The Greeks always lived in the fear of mutinies and murders. As soon as Alexander left a Satrap in charge of a province, there would be rebellion and sometimes the Satraps would be murdered. Philip, who was very able and experienced, was thus killed. Alexander who was at a distant place could not do anything. Satraps who were Indians were burning with frustration. They were only waiting for the proper time to rebel and become free. After Alexander went out of India and died suddenly in distant Babylon in 323 B.C., all his Satraps declared themselves independent.

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