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"One Condition"

Amatya and Chanakya, face to face with each other! Two who fought each other for long period with obstinacy, each equally loyal to one side! And the life of Amatya was now in the hands of Chanakya!

Chanakya got down from his seat, and walked towards Amatya. He spoke to him with great respect.

Amatya Rakshasa was amazed. He thought within himself, 'What brilliance there is on the face of this great man! And a sage with renunciation, and with such wealth of wisdom!'

Chanakya offered him a seat, and then asked, "Amatya, don't you wish that your good friend Chandanadasa should live?"

"Certainly," replied Rakshasa. "He is more than a friend. He is my life." his voice was choked.

"Then you have to do something. There is one condition," said Chanakya, in a firm voice.

Rakshasa was surprised and also apprehensive. What would Chanakya say further?

"All right," he replied.

And Chanakya told him - "You must agree to be the Prime Minister in the Empire of Chandragupta. You must, day and night, work for the welfare of the realm."

Rakshasa could not believe his own ears. He said, "What? I must be Chandragupta's Prime Minister! ?"


And Amatya Rakshasa accepted the high post of Prime Minister of the Maurya Empire with a full heart.

The next day the coronation of Chandragupta took place according to rituals.

Chanakya's vow was fulfilled. And also the kingdom of Magadha had got a good king.

What happened too Chanakya later is not known with certainty. Some say that he continued with Chandragupta and later with his son Bimbasara for some time as minister. Some also say that after a few years Chandragupta became a Jain and then differences arose between the two. It is also said that after Chandragupta's coronation he went away for penance.

According to a few books of Jainism the Chandragupta came to Shravanabelugola along with his Guru-Bhadrabhaus Bhattaraka and he took Sallekana vratha afterwards he ends his life in Shravana- belugola - Karnataka. Regarding this point even Meghastanis 'India' gives sufficient details.

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