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Extraordinary Person

Chanakya was a very brilliant person. He was full of determination in achieving any objective. He was well versed in all 'Shastras' or branches of knowledge, an expert economist; a statesman par excellence. He was a master in the four methods - of persuasion, enticement, sowing dissension, and punishment or war. He was mature in the strategy of war, and very intelligent. None could makeup what was going on his mind. So secretive was he in his method, and far-sighted. In any endeavor, his calculations never went wrong and he never missed his aim. He was at the same time very religious and given to strict renunciation. Apparently of a harsh nature, he could employ various methods carefully at the right time to destroy enemies. There was no branch of knowledge, which he had not mastered. He was widely experienced in the world. There seemed to be nothing, which he did not know. He was, in other words, a conglomeration of all things that make a genius. Considered in any way, persons equal to Chanakya are very rare in the world. An expression "like the strategy of Chanakya" has become proverbial. He is the memorable man who destroyed the despotic Nanda kings, put Chandragupta on the throne and brought into being the great Maurya dynasty of rules.

Chanakya had the other name of Kautilya also. Some say that he got the name Chanakya because he was born in China. A great book which clearly shows his genius is still extant. It is called the "Artha-shastra." It has been translated into many other languages including English, French and German.

Unfortunately, what is authentically known about him is not much. We can only add various points and scattered material available in several books and present what could perhaps be his biography.

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