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"Till I Destroy Your Family"

It was a hot and sultry afternoon. It was lunchtime in the choultry. Banana leaves and been spread in many rows. Hundreds of persons were sitting there for their lunch.

Just nearby was also a throne. Chanakya had his bath and going straight to the throne, sat on it. Just then the Navandas also came there. They were very angry that on the throne where- kings should be seated, an ordinary man was sitting. They had Chanakya pushed out. Chanakya's tuft became untied and the hairs were loosened. He was in a fury. Hissing like a cobra he said, "You wicked fellows, I will not tie up my hair until I destroy your whole family. This is my oath. Remember it!" Thundering like that, he walked off with resounding steps. The Nandas were not afraid. "What nonsense from a begging Brahmin! It is prattle to be ignored," they said contemptuously, and went back to the palace.

The Nandas had a very intelligent minister. He was Amatya Rakshasa. He was brave and capable. In statecraft he was highly experienced. He protected the Nandas as eyelids do an eye. But Chanakya was not discouraged. He singly stood opposed to the might of the Nandas and the brain of Amatya Rakshasa. He dethroned the Nandas, put Chandragupta on the throne, and also installed Amatya Rakshasa, who was trying his utmost to destroy Chandragupta, as the minister. This is the story about Chanakya, popular in our country for hundreds of years. However, according to historians, this is not completely true.

Whether all the events took place as this story mentions them or not, the one thing that has to be accepted is that it truly reflects the nature of Chanakya.

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