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It happened that Deshikar was once challenged by a magician for a trial of strength. Deshikar at first ignored the challenge. The aggressive magician
diverted towards his rival all the water of a pond. Deshikar scratched the ground with his nails and forced the water to flow away. The magician was humbled. On another occasion a snake charmer tormented him. He hurled a few snakes at Deshikar. The latter drew a few lines on the ground with
his nails and stopped the vipers from crossing the lines. The snake charmer unleashed a huge cobra at him. When the cobra was moving towards him, Deshikar chanted Garuda mantra. An eagle swooped on the cobra and carded it away in its talons. Thus the snake charmer had to admit defeat.

One thing is clear. The good are always hated and tormented by evil people. Deshikar too had to face such hardships.

Since Deshikar was known to be a great man, people thought he was all knowing and omnipotent. He was omnipotent in the sense that he had mastered all knowledge and he could accomplish even the hardest of tasks. Some people did not understand him properly and often tried in vain to
embarrass him. Deshikar was never enamoured of rewards, pelf or renown. Many who came to scoff at him remained to admire.

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