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"Worms In the Rice"

Deshikar was a great devotee, scholar and ascetic. Asceticism is attachment only to God and to nothing else. He had no worldly desires. He loathed worldly possessions such as money, house or lands. He lived on the food he got from alms. He went from door to door and begged for his food. He collected grains which he cooked himself. Part of the food would be offered to the Lord, and he would eat the rest of it.

His spirit of renunciation was deep-rooted. He never desired wealth, power, honor and happiness. When these came to him unasked, he renounced them.

There was a certain gentleman who greatly respected the acharya. He wanted to offer the saint some money. But he knew that Deshikar would not accept it One day he put into the begging bowl a few coins along with the grains he daily offered to the ascetic.

The acharya was not aware of it. He went home and emptied the bowl. The gold coins glittered in the midst of the gains. He told his wife: I find worms in the rice." He took a stick, separated the grain from the gold and threw away the coins. Such was the acharya's spirit of renunciation.

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