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A Great And Pious Life

Deshikar spent the last few days of his life at Sriranga. He continued to be steadfast in his faith. He spent all his time in study and teaching and in divine contemplation. He was always calm and quiet. Blessed by Guru, Deshikar never desired any worldly pleasures. He never fell a prey to temptations. He always concentrated on God and trusted Him with unswerving devotion. He was fearless and gentle; he never meant any harm to any living being.

His scholarship was profound. He was a poet of a high order, and he also deserved the title 'Tarkika-simha since he was nonpareil in philosophical discussions and logical arguments. An incomparably great devotee, he often forgot himself in ecstasy while singing religious songs. It was his unsullied devotion, which lit up his poetic talent and scholarship.

Above all, his spirit of renunciation was amazing. He had a huge galaxy offollowers who held him in great esteem. He lived a life of utter simplicity and austerity. He had in him a combination of all virtues.

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