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The Parents Go To Tirupati

Many learned men and devotees narrate curious stories about his birth. These stories drive home the fact that this savant and saint had a divine element in him and his birth itself was due to divine ordainment.

Near Kanchipura, there is a small village called Tooppil. Vedanta-deshikar's parents hailed from that village. His father was Ananta Suri. His mother was called Totaramma.

The couples were childless for a long time, and they were very sad. One day they had a dream.

The Lord of Tirupati appeared in the dream and told Suri to offer Him worships. Suri narrated the dream to his wife. The
wife too had a similar dream. Goddess Padmavati appearing in dream had given her a similar command. The couple went to Tirupati and offered prayers at the feet of Lord Srinivasa.

On another occasion she dreamt that the Lord had given her a bell 'which she swallowed inadvertently. She woke up soon after. It was said that this bell later incarnated as Vedanta-deshikar. This was the belief of many devotees. That is the reason why he also came to be known as Ghantavatara. Since he owed his birth to the grace of Lord Venkateswara, they called him Venkatanatha.

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