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Precocious Child

People admired Vedanta-deshikar for his clean life, for his scholarship and for his greatness in sharing knowledge with
others. Such immense scholarship was possible because of his extraordinary memory and his habit of giving attention to minute details. These quantities came to light even in his early days.

Atreya Ramanauja was the maternal uncle of Vedanta-deshikar. One day he took Deshikar with him to attend a learned discourse that his Guru Vatsyavarada- charya was delivering at the Varadaraja temple in Kanchi. As soon as the Guru saw them he asked the uncle "Who is this boy?" Atreya said the boy was his nephew, the son of Ananta Suri. The acharya was fascinated by the splendor of the boy's personality. He spoke to him with great warmth. He was about to resume the discourse he was giving. But he missed the continuity of the discourse and had difficulty in deciding where to begin. He turned to his students and asked them: "Pray, what was I talking to you, earlier?" The students too were forgetful and were  helpless. Then the little boy told the Guru: "Sir, when we entered, you were expounding on the virtues of God. You were saying that God is all-virtuous, that He is flawless..."

The Guru was highly pleased with the boy's memory and alertness. He whole heartedly blessed the child: "May you become a Vedantacharya. May those who have read the Vedas respect you. May you succeed in all your ventures, and may you live for a hundred years."

Vatsya-varadacharya's good wishes bore fruit. The boy indeed grew up to become famous as Vedantacharya.

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