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Good Days Again

A little later, the danger to the town receded. Gopanna Dandanayaka, the commandar of the Vijayanagar armies, vanquished the Muslims and drove them out of Sriranga. Once free, the town began to attract pilgrims once again. The idol of the deity, which had been taken to Tirupati, was brought back to Sriranga and the temple services were resumed under the auspices of Gopanna Dandanayaka. Deshikar shed tears of joy when he received the happy news. He warmly blessed Gopanna, the savior of the temple. These facts are recorded in a temple inscription in Sriranga.

Sriranga wore a festive look once again. Devotees and pilgrims swarmed to the- place. Deshikar was a ripe old man of 95 at the time. He came to Sriranga with his disciples in order that he might settle down there and spend the rest of his life in the service of Lord Ranganatha. Even in his
advanced age the acharya continued to teach students and expound the meaning of philosophical tomes. He saw to it that temple festivals were properly organized. During this period, he wrote a great book, 'Rahasya-traya-sara' (the essence of three philosophical mysteries). It contains the
distilled substance of his ripe wisdom and profound scholarship.

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