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Trial after Trial

Deshikar, had to face bitter trials, due to the envy and hatred of his contemporaries. Once Deshikar had invited a brahmin for the death anniversary of his father. Some of his foes tempted that brahmin by offering to pay him a bigger sum and prevented him from attending the ceremony. Everything was ready at Deshikar's house and he was anxiously waiting for the brahmin guest for a long time. The guest never turned up, and Deshikar was plunged in deep sorrow. He prayed to God most sincerely. Unexpectedly a stranger, another brahmin came and helped Deshikar in conducting the ceremony. Deshikar felt that the Lord Himself had come to his rescue in disguise.

On another occasion Deshikar was conducting a class on the platform at the entrance of his house. A scholar called Kandade Lakshmanacharya was passing in the street with his students. Deshikar was absorbed in his teaching and he failed to notice the arrival of the other man. He did not get up and greet him. Lakshman- charya felt insulted, and his disciples went and tugged at the legs of Deshikar in anger. Deshikar then went to him and
apologized. He later felt sad and thought it was time for him to quit Sriranga. He left for Melkote where he wanted to offer worship to the deity Chelvanarayana who had been served by Ramanuja.

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