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The eldest of the Pandava brothers, the heroes of the great epic,the Mahabharatha. Yudhishtira lived for justice, and patiently suffered humiliation and exile.'A man should live virtuously because virtue is good, not because it pays to be virtuous' - so he believed and acted. And he said to the King of the Gods, 'I cannot enter a Heaven in which there is no place for a faithful dog.’

Author - M.V.Seetaramaiah


'Let us bow down before Narayana (Krishna), Nara (Arjuna) the -best among men, Goddess Saraswathi (the Goddess of Learning) and Vyasa, and then relate the story of Bharatha.'

The 'Mahabharatha' is the story of the Great War between the Pandavas and the
Kauravas. They both belonged to the race of King Kuru. The Pandavas were the sons of King Pandu; and the Kauravas were the sons of Dhritharashtra. They were brought up by Bhishma, the Grand Old Man of the Kuru race, with loving care.

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Yudhishtira - The Eldest Of the Pandavas, who lived for Justice and patiently suffered humiliation and exile
About  Yudhishtira
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The Prayers
Dharmaraja - Yudhishtira
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'This I Fear-'
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Winning A Bride
King Once Again
The Humiliation
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War At Last
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Yudhishtira And The Dog
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