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Dharmaraja - Yudhishtira

The world is a battlefield; and the mind of a man is also a battlefield. On both these take place the endless struggle between good forces and evil forces. Dharma is another name for all that is good in this world; the world rests on Dharma. Yama, the God of Death, is the embodiment of Dharma; he is not at all a cruel god. Pandu desired that his eldest son should be Dharma itself in human form. So he asked Kunthi to bear such a son for him by the grace of Yamadharma. -Accordingly she gave birth to the eldest son for Pandu as a divine gift from Yamadharma. So the child was called Dharmaputhra or the son of Yamadharma. His mind was always on the side of the good, or Dharma. Thus he came to be known as 'Yudhishtira' or I one who is unshaken in war'. Throughout his life he was a living example of this great virtue. He always upheld Dharma and Truth, and became famous as Dharmaraja. He showed to the world that Dharma always wins.

After a while, Pandu died.Maadri observed 'sahagamana' and burnt herself to death 
with the corpse of her husband. The widowed Kunthi returned to Hasthinavathi with the five sons of Pandu and lived under the care of Dhritharashtra.

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