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King Once Again

The Pandavas now had the support of a powerful king like Drupada. This fact made 
Duryodhana burn with jealousy more than ever before; he was afraid that the Pandavas would snatch the kingdom from him with the help of Drupada, Krishna (whose prowess and genius had made him a formidable power) and Balarama (Krishna's elder brother). He was the master of the entire kingdom in the absence of the Pandavas. He, therefore, wanted somehow to get rid of them. Dhritharashtra wished in his heart of hearts that his son should get what he wanted. At the same time, he did not wish to go against the advice of elders like Bhishma and Vidura. After much hesitation, he invited the Pandavas back toHasthinavathi; he also gave them half of the kingdom. The Pandavas built a beautiful city and named it- Indraprastha; they lived there happily for some time.

With the help of his brothers, Yudhishtira subdued many kings and performed the 
Rajasuya Yaga. Kings and leaders of important tribes such as the Yadavas att ended the sacrifice; the Kauravas also attended. Yudhishtira honored Shri Krishna as the greatest person in the assembly; after this all the guests returned home. Only Duryodhana and Shakuni stayed on.

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Yudhishtira honoured Shri Krishna as th greatest person in the assembly
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