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In Virata Nagara

The Pandavas completed twelve years in the forest. They had to spend one more years somewhere in disguise.

They choose Virata Nagara, the kingdom of Virata. Before entering the capital of
Virata, they changed their names and put on different guises. They then secured
different posts in the service of the king.

Yudhishtira appeared as Kankabhatta, a Brahmin; Bhima put on the guise of a cook, calling himself Valala; Arjuna assumed the name Brihannale, and became a teacher to teach dancing to the king's daughter. Nakula took service as master of the stables. Sahadeva was appointed to look after the cattle-wealth, Draupadi as Sairandhri became a chambermaid to wait on the queen.

Before the year of the exile was over, Keechaka, brother of queen Sudheshne, fell in love with Draupadi. For this reason, he was slain by Bhima. The death of Keechaka indicated to the Kauravas the whereabouts of the Pandavas. With the object of finding out Pandavas, the Kauravas seized the cattle belonging to Virata. Arjuna went with Utthara Kumaras, the crownprince of Virata,as his charioteer, fought single handed with the Kauravas and brought back all the cattle. By this time, the thirteenth year of exile was over. The Pandavas aMounced their identity to King Virata. He was highly pleased with the happy turn of events, and gave his daughter Utthare in marriage toAbhimanyu,
son of Arjuna.

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