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The Humiliation

Yudhishtira had a splendid royal guesthouse built for the occasion. One day Duryodhana   was going round the mansion, observing its splendor and beauty. At one time, he mistook a highly polished floor for a pond and walked on; at another time, he mistook a pond for a glittering floor and, fell into it! Bhima and Arjuna, who happened to be there, burst into laughter. Duryodhana felt greatly insulted. His jealously had already been kindled when the Pandavas grew in power and prestige soon after Rajasuya Yaga; the disgrace he now suffered fanned his jealousy. He confided his Shakuni sugges- ted a plan to get rid of the Pandavas. He said, "To overcome Yudhistira is to over- come all the Pandavas. Yudhishtira has a craving for the game of dice, but cannot really play it, poor fellow. Invite him to play a game of dice. I will beat him, and win all his riches and his kingdom for you."

Duryodhana went to his father and unburdened his heart. He told him how miserable he was and explained to him insisted that his father should invite Dharmaraja for a game of dice. ‘If you don’t agree I shall kill myself,’ he threatened. Out of love for his son, Dhritharashtra agreed.

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Yudhishtira - The Eldest Of the Pandavas, who lived for Justice and patiently suffered humiliation and exile
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