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War At Last

Now Yudhishtira had fulfilled his vow; he had upheld Truth and Dharma. Like a serpent, which renews itself by shedding its old skin, Yudhishtira appeared with renewed radiance and added strength. He could now count upon the assistance of many leaders and kings like Shri Krishna, Virata and Drupada. His own brothers were second to none in courage and valor. If he had so wished, he could have got back his kingdom by waging war with the Kauravas with the help of these persons. But he wanted peace, not war. It was his intention to get his half of the kingdom in a peaceful way by following the path of Dharma. His brothers, however, favored war to regain their kingdom. But they were not prepared to go against the wishes of Yudhishtira.

As desired by Yudhishtira, Krishna tried his best to bring about lasting peace between
the Pandavas and the Kauravas. But he did not succeed; a war had to take place.

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