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The Escape

Dhritharashtra knew the good qualities of Yudhishtira. He explained to his son that it
was only proper that Yudhishtira should succeed Pandu, as he was his eldest son. But Duryodhana's ambition was that he himself should become the king. He won over his father, and got a house of lac built at Varanavata; he planned to burn the Pandavas alive in that house. Vidura, the 'younger brother of Dhritharashtra, warned the Pandavas beforehand about the danger. So the Pandavas managed to escape from the house through an underground tunnel; they themselves set fire to the house.

However, news reached Hasthinavathi that the Pandavas had been burnt to ashes in the house of lac. But they were out of danger; they wandered through many woods, and traveled southward; they finally reached a dense forest.

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