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'This I fear - '

Yudhishtira became perfect in the art of fighting from a chariot. Nakula and Sahadeva turned out to be excellent swordsmen. Arjuna learnt the use of all kinds of weapons; he excelled everyone in archery and became the favorite pupil of Drona. This fact made Duryodhana hate the Pandavas more than ever.

Yudhishtira had earned the good will of the people of the land. They used to say,
"Yudhishtira is the only person fit to be king; he is righteous, truthful and patient; he is respectful towards his teachers and elders; he does good to one and all and wishes no one any evil."

The talk of the people reached Duryo- dhana. He approached his father, and expressed his unhappiness, If what the people were saying came true and Yudhishtira became the king, he and his brothers would have to serve thePandavas - so lamented Duryodhana.

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