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Dhritharashtra was now frightened; he feared that the omens foretold evil to his sons. Bhishma and Vidura said to him, "Comfort Draupadi." Accordingly, Dhritharashtra called Draupadi, and said, "My dear, you are like a daughter to me. You may ask of me any boon you like, and you shall have it." She asked for two boons: one was the freedom of her husbands from bondage, and the other the return of their weapons and chariots. Dhritarashtra granted the boons.

Yudhishtira approached Dhritharashtra and said respectfully: "Maharaja, we will obey
you. Please tell us what we should do." Dhritharashtra replied, "Yudhishtira, you have no enemy! You are an ajatashatru; you are learned; you know what Dharma (righteous conduct) is; you are humble; you are forgiveness itself; you are peace loving by nature.

Therefore, please forget all the bad acts of my sons. Go to Indraprastha and be happy in your kingdom," and he wished them well. The Pandavas returned to Indraprastha.

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Yudhishtira - The Eldest Of the Pandavas, who lived for Justice and patiently suffered humiliation and exile
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