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The Fatal Decision

The unpleasant task of inviting Dharmaraja to the game fell on Vidura. He went to
Indraprastha rather unwillingly, and informed Yudhishtira of the mission on which he had come.

I know that gambling is bad. That is the opinion I offer you, too. But, I have come to invite you as desired by Dhritharashtra. Do what you think is best," said Vidura.

"Who will play the - game forDuryodhana?" asked Yudhishtira.

"The chief player is Shakuni," replied Vidura.

At the very mention of the name of Shakuni, Yudhishtira felt as if he had been stung by a scorpion. He said, "Shakuni is a cheat. I would not like to play against him. But I cannot disobey the command of Dhritharashtra. I do not like gambling; but I do not refuse to play when invited. This is the code of conduct for a Kshathriya; and it is my vow also. So, I accept the invitation."

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