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To The Rescue of Duryodhana

While the Pandavas were living in Dwaithavana, Duryodhana wanted to derive pleasure by witnessing their hard- ships. He came near Dwaithavana with some companions and his army. There the Kauravas clashed with some 9 gandharvas ' who were visiting that place. Duryodhana and some of his companions were taken prisoners by the gandharvas. Members of his retinue ran to Yudhishtira and prayed for his help. Bhima intervened and said, "The Kauravas have got what they deserved. We should not give them any help." But Yudhishtira corrected him and said, "it is the duty to Kshathriyas to render help to those who are in distress and ask for help. The Kauravas and we arecousins; and so they coveted our kingdom and looked upon us as their enemies. Apart from this, they and we are one family in the face of an enemy from outside." So saying, he asked his brothers to save the Kauravas. Accordingly, they attacked the gandharvas, fought with them and made them set the Kauravas free.

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