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Dice Once Again!

But the 'Bad Four', namely Duryodhana, Dusshasana, Karna (Duryodhana's bosom
friend) and Shakuni, did not like this arrangement. Shakuni again suggested a plan. Duryodhana went to his father with his three companions, and explained his evil design to get rid of the Pandavas. He persuaded his father to agree to carry it out. He said, "Father, let us invite the Pandavas once more to a game. If they lose, they will have to live in exile in a forest for a period of twelve years; in addition, they shall spend another year in exile anywhere, but without, being recognized. If we find them out, they will have to go back to the forest to live there for another twelve years. These are the terms of the game."

And so the Pandavas were once again invited on behalf of Dhritharashtra to a game of dice. On getting the invitation, Yudhishtira thought that things were happening according to Divine will, and that he could not act against it; one has to experience both pleasure or pain; and further, it was his duty to obey Dhritha- rashtra. And so he accepted the invitation to the game of dice. The match took place in Hasthinavati as before. Yudhishtira lost the game. According to the agreement, he retired to the forest with his brothers and Draupadi. Kunthi remained with Vidura.

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