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'Kill Renuka!’

It was a pleasant day in spring when the colorful nature had made the surroundings shine with charm and fragrance. Renuka, the devoted wife of Jamadagni, had to get the Ganga water, for her husband's Fire worship, and accordingly, proceeded to the river with a pot.

The Ganga was flowing majestically. At that time a 'Gandharvas' (celestial being) named Chitraratha was enjoying a festive bath and was engaged in frolic with his wives. Renuka was watching these activities for some time. She had been somewhat mesmerized and after a while awakened herself realizing her duty to carry the pot of water to her husband.

She rushed back to the hermitage.

Jamadagni was a sage possessing supreme vision. He visualized the reason for his wife's delayed arrival. He was angered at her and took umbrage at her becoming 'impure' by witnessing Chitraratha with unbecoming interest. He called out his sons and ordered them to kill her!

The children were shocked; they could not believe their own ears. How can they kill their own mother? They stood transfixed. Jamadagni was now furious, seeing that his sons were not obeying him. Parashurama returned after a while, and Jamadagni asked his son to kill his mother and also the 'disobedient' brothers.

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Parashurama - The Epic Hero With an Axe ! God of Death to the Evil and Arrogant.
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