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The Rishi's Prayer

A 'rishi' (sage) named Rucheeka was on a tour of the country looking for a bride.

At that time there were two most famous royal clans ruling in BharatSuryavamsha (SolarRace) and Chandravamsha (Lunar Race). King Gandhi belonging to the latter had a daughter named Satyavati who had blossomed into a lovely damsel imbued with fine moral qualities. The king was on the lookout for a suitable bridegroom for her. Just at that time Rucheeka, in the course of his travels, visited the king at his palace. The king entertained the sage with traditional honors. Pleased with the warm reception he received there, Rucheeka asked of the king:

"O Maharaja, I have come to seek a favour from you. Will you fulfil it?"

"Respected sage! I deem it a privilege and pleasure to make any offering to you. Please let me know what you desire."

"King! I would like to marry your daughter Satyavati"

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