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As mentioned earlier, Parashurarna had learnt archery from Lord Shiva himself and had mastered all the fine points of that discipline. It was said that Shiva was very pleased with his disciple’s prowess and had bestowed him with the axe; Goddess Parvati had blessed and given him many fine weapons Many young men were coming to him for training in the art of archery.

But Parashurama would not teach the Kshatriya. He felt that a weapon the hands of an evil person would pose a danger to the pious. Karna was a hero of Mahabharata. He was separated from his mother at a very young age. He desired that he should learn archery from Parashurama. But how to achieve it? Karna decided to act as a Brahmin boy and went to Parashurama;

Parashurama taught Karna and in fact was very pleased to notice the keen interest and capabilities of Karna. He became a particularly beloved pupil of Parashurama and continued his training to reach greater heights.

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Parashurama - The Epic Hero With an Axe ! God of Death to the Evil and Arrogant.
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