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Parashurama And Sri Rama

There are stories pertaining to Parashurama in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Vishnu appeared on the earth as Sri Rama, son of king Dasharatha, and his consort Lakshmi was born as Sita, daughter of King Janaka. On her reaching marriage able age, a 'Swayamvara' (an assembly wherein a princess chooses a prince as her mate from amongst the invitees) was arranged. Many were those who came with high hopes of securing her hand. At the palace of Janaka, there was an ancient bow said to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. Janaka announced that his daughter would marry the prince who could bend the bow and tie it up. All the assembled princes attempted it and failed while Sri Rama easily accomplished the task broke the bow into two and Sita married him.

Dasharatha was returning to his kingdom Ayodhya with his sons and daughters.

Parashurama, upon learning of Sri Rama's breaking the bow, became angry. Parashurama had learnt archery from Lord Shiva. Added to his anger was the fact that the feat had been accomplished by a Kshatriya prince.

As Sri Rama was heading toward Ayodhya with his father Dasharatha wife Sita and others, Parashurama confronted them and a battle ensued between him and Sri Rama. The former wielded his axe while Sri Rama replied with his famous ‘Kodanda' bow As they stood confronting each other their eyes met; and both instantly realized that they were the incarnations of the same Supreme Power. The Vishnu-effulgence of Parashurama merged itself with Sri Rama's personality.

Parashurama realized that his incarnation had come to an end and returned to his hermitage in the Mahendra Mountain.

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Parashurama - The Epic Hero With an Axe ! God of Death to the Evil and Arrogant.
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