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Parashurama Acts

By this time, Parashurama who had gone to the woods to collect material for sacrificial worship ('Yagna') returned and learnt about the king's taking away Kamadhenu by force.

Enraged, Parashurama decided to go in pursuit of Kartaveeryarjuna and bring Kamadhenu back. 'The king is to suffer proper punishment’, he thought and armed with his sharp axe and bow and arrows, left on the chase.

What are sages' children before a king? Kartaveeryarjuna's soldiers pounced upon Parashurama who how ever confronted them boldly and began to chop them off mercilessly. Finally Kartaveeryarjuna himself appeared before Parashurama and the two were engaged in a fierce battle. Parashurama axed down the king's thousand arms and killed him. His sons and remaining soldiers ran for their lives leaving Kamadhenu behind. Parashurama brought her back and respectfully handed her over to his father.

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Parashurama axed down Kartaveeryarjuna's thousand arms in a fierce duel
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