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Exalted Personality

Thus the story of Parashurama is one of the most exciting episodes is our mythology. Parashurama was not only a great hero; he was also a savant rich in wisdom. Just before the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna visited Duryodhana and advised him to hand one half of the kingdom in a just manner Parashurama at that time was sitting a Duryodhana's court along with other dignitaries, and he too counseled Duryodhana: "Pandava’s have kept the word. You should now act justly

Give them their share of the kingdom Otherwise, that injustice may destroy you.' But Duryodhana was adamant. He waged war in which thousands of people died. His own brothers, near and dear relatives, friends - all perished, he had his leg betoken, and breathed his last.

Parashurama embodied several noble qualities. His utter devotion to his father whose words he readily fulfilled, his great respect for his mother and regard for his brothers for whose resurrection he ardently prayed, the determination with which he set about to destroy the kingly clan which had brought about the death of his father, the generosity with which he donated the lands he had conquered, his asking the sea-king for land up to the point where the axe hit sea waters, his mastery in archery, and above all his magnificent sense of 'Dharma' (virtuousness) -all these features shine in his life like pure diamonds.

And therefore, Parashurama is hailed as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.There is a traditional verse, which is popular

'Ashwatthamo Bali Vyasah

Hanumanscha Vibhishanah

Kripah Parashuramascha

Saptaite Chirajeevinah'

Ashwatthama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripa and Parashurama- these are the seven eternal, ageless, immortal souls according to our traditional belief. In particular, it is believed Parashurama is sitting even today in penance at Mahendra Mountain. Why this great penance? Not for himself, but for the peace and happiness of the whole world. 

Parashurama is thus one of our celebrated epic Heros who, down the ages, is acclaimed as Vishnu's incarnation.

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