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At the same time, the sons of Kartaveeryarjuna at Mahishmati were pining for vengeance. Having once faced the wrath of the axe-wielding Parashurama, they were afraid of confronting him again and hence conceived a secret plan.

Parashurama, accompanied by his brothers, had gone out on an errand. Hearing of this from there. Spies, the sons of Kartaveeryarjuna laid siege to the hermitage of Jamadagni. They vowed to seek their revenge by killing the sage. The sage was sitting in meditation. Kartaveeryarjuna's sons stormed the place. Renuka, realizing the danger confronting them, entreated the invaders to spare the life of her husband. But her plea went unheeded. Jamadagni, in penance, was beheaded and his skull was taken away to Mahishmati and to ashram was destroyed.

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Parashurama - The Epic Hero With an Axe ! God of Death to the Evil and Arrogant.
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