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I Demand This

A strong selfish desire gripped the king and he entreated the sage thus; "O sage! It would be very useful if such a distinguished cow remained at the palace. Thousands of people visit us and we will be obliged to treat them without delay. But your ashram will not be under such pressure as a routine. I shall leave a lot of. Land and other property for you. You can look after your guests comfortably. Please hand the cow over to me."

The sage replied: "O king! I can’t present this cow to others. I can get her to help with only the needs of the ashram. I have no right to present her to anyone else. Please don't ask for her."

The arrogant king was angry. He ordered his soldiers to take the cow by force and they tied her and drove away to the capital Mahishmati.

Jamadagni was distressed. Is this how the king should express his thanks for the reception he received?

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