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Parashurama's mother was Renuka. She was the adopted daughter of king Prasenajit. She had married sage Jamadagni and was serving him faith fully Parashurama was her first son and he was followed by four others Rumanvanta, Sushena, Vasu and Vishwavasu. Several incidents enraged Parashurama, forcing him into the vow of getting rid of Kshatriya families from this land.

There was a king named Kritaveerya belonging to the Lunar Race. Born to him was Kartaveeryarjuna, a heroic personality. He had worshipped Lord Dattatreya and been blessed with invincibility. He possessed the strength of a thousand arms on the battlefront. He had defeated Ravana at war and was reigning at Mahishmati, full of glory and arrogance.

One day Kartaveeryarjuna went on a gaming expedition to the forest accompanied by his huge army. After the expedition had progressed for some time he began to feel hungry and thirsty and asked his men to look for any sage's hermitage around. Nearby they sighted the ashram of Jamadagni. When the king arrived there the sage extended him a warm welcome and also requested that the royal personage could rest at the ashram for the day and move out later. The king, tired after the day's hunting adventures, could wish for nothing better. He was ceremoniously and sumptuously treated there.

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Parashurama - The Epic Hero With an Axe ! God of Death to the Evil and Arrogant.
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