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In The Mahabharata

According to references in the Mahabharata, there was a king ruling Kashi (Benaras). He had three daughters named Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. They had reached marriageable age and the king arranged a; Swayamvara; for finding bridegrooms for them. The contenders had to participate in a battle and the victorious princes would marry the princesses.

A king named Shantanu was ruling in another kingdom Hastinavati. Devavrata was his son. The queen had left Shantanu for some reason and the latter wanted to marry again. To fulfil his father’s desire, Devavrata undertook to fulfil two vows – that he would not become a king and that he would not marry. He came to be known as Bhishma signifying these vows. Upon the death of Shantanu, Bhishma crowned his step brother Vichitravirya as the king.

Bhishma came to know of the 'Swayamvara' of the Kashi king's daughters and thought it would be a good idea to marry the girls to his brother. He attended the assembly, defeated all other princes, brought the three princesses, and asked Vichitravirya to marry them Arnbika and Ambalika agreed for this proposal. However...

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