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From Palace to Hut

The king was taken aback at the thought of sending his beloved daughter grown up in royal environment, to the poor life in a thatched hut. But he had given word to the sage that he would fulfil his desire.

The king said: "O sage! You can marry my daughter upon one condition. Can you give us one thousand horses, all with one ear black and the body white-complexioned, as dowry?"

Rucheeka agreed He made a penance to please Varuna (the rain-god), obtained the thousand fine horses of the desired prescription and presented them to king Gandhi. The king was happy and now convinced of his son in-law's worth, married off his daughter to the sage.

Though she had grown up amidst royal riches and pleasures, Satyavati easily adjusted herself to the simple living mode of the hermitage. She served her husband with devotion, considering him to be her god. The couple had no children for some time.

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