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Parashurama did not hesitate even for a moment. Readily he raised his axe, chopped off his mother's head and later killed his brothers. As he bowed before his father in reverence, the latter's anger subsided. However, five persons had been killed.

Jamadagni said: "My son, your devotion to your father has pleased me. Tell me what is your desire and I shall fulfil it.'"

Parashurama replied: "O father, nothing satisfies me more than fulfilling your desire. If you want to grant me a boon,

kindly oblige by making my mother and brothers come back to life. Please forgive their disobedience."

"As you wish," agreed Jamadagni.

The dead rose to life and prostrated before the sage. The ashram's rituals were resumed unhindered. Thus Parashurama saved his mother and brothers.

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As their eyes met, Parashurama and Sri Rama realised that they were incarnations of the same Supreme Power
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