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Consort of Lord Shiva. By rigorous penance she won over Shiva, himself a great ascetic. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha. By becoming the wife of Shiva she paved the way for the spread of peace and felicity in the world.

Author - T.Keshava Bhat 


Goddess Parvati is the wife of Lord Ishwara. She has several names, each with a special significance. Since Ishwara or Shiva is also called 'Bhava' his wife is known as 'Bhavani.' She is 'Parvati', being the daughter of the king of mountains, Parvataraja. With the  same connotation she has two other names - 'Girija' and 'Shailaja'. As she I the source of all good things to all those who have faith and follow the  path of virtue, she is 'Sarvamangala.'Since her childhood days she was a devotee of Lord Shiva. She would constantly engage herself in meditation and worship of Shiva, without even   changing the posture. So her mother Mena would out of exasperation say "Parvati, don't do this tapas (meditation)." In Sanskrit ‘u’ is a word of address and 'ma' means 'don't' or 'not wanted’ Hence she got the name 'Uma'.

After she grew up, she perforrmed a severe penance in the forest with the  purpose of securing Lord Shiva as her husband. Much moved by the hardship endured by her tender body, Mena frequently went near her fondly calling her "Uma", Uma." Who would not be thrilled by the story of the life of Parvati who, though born human, became, through hard penance the consort of Shiva and became Mahadevi, the great goddess?

Affection for and obedience to the  elders, loyalty to tradition, determination steady devotion to Shiva, kindness towards those in trouble, perseverant effort till the completion of a good deed-these are the traits Parvati had. Her story is narrated in Sanskrit by Vyasa in the Shiva purana. The great poet Kalidasa has narrated it in the poem Kumara-Sambhava. The Kannada poet Harihara has dealt with the story  in Girija-Kalyana, a mixture of verse and prose.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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