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The Wonder Child

Though a couple of days elapsed after the birth of the child, it would not open its eyes or mouth. The baby did not even suck milk. Everyone, was worried as to what should be done. Then, as advised by the family preceptor sage Gargamuni, Parvataraja had an idol of Shiva brought to the child and got the eyes opened with some treatment. The baby opened its eyes and folded its hands in salutation to the Lord. Butter which had been offered to Shiva was put into the child's mouth and the baby ate it. Then it began to suck milk from the mother's breast. Everyone was struck with wonder at this devotion to Shiva noticeable so early in the child. People thought that she would definitely win the favour of Shiva later.

The naming ceremony for the baby was a grand occasion. She was given the name 'Parvati.' As the days and months passed, the first sound she uttered was the name of Lord Shiva. The infant closed her eyes frequently as if she felt the presence of Shiva in her mind. By herself she often laughed, and showed joy and delight. When she grew up further, she showed great interest in playing with a ball or in the game of worshipping Shiva on the sandy banks of the river Ganga.

In her previous incarnation she was famous as Dakshayani, the daughter of Daksha. She was the wife of Lord Shiva.

She then went to attend a great sacrifice being performed by her father. There the proud Daksha in the full assembly spoke insultingly of Shiva. He insulted even Shiva's wife that is Dakshayani Unable to bear that sacrilege, she jumped into the sacrificial fire, offering herself to it. Now all the knowledge and qualities of her previous birth automatically appeared in Parvati. So she became learned in no time. Being also very beautiful, she shone with her youth.

Parvati attained the age of marriage. Parvataraja's mind directed that he should give his daughter in marriage to Lord Shiva only, as she had such great piety. But how to do that, without the bridegroom's people asking for it? Should he ask Shiva himself if he would marry her? What if he refused?

Parvataraja was hesitant.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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