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Path of Penance

Seeing Kama burnt to ash by the third eye of Shiva, Rati fainted.

When she regained consciousness, she was in tears and rolled on the ground in great grief. She implored Parvati to give back to her husband as alms. She begged the angels. Parvati in kindness caressed her and consoling her, said, "Rati, don't weep. I will help you. I will beg Shiva and see that your husband comes back to life. You will have him as husband again. As I now get the one who was my husband in the previous birth, so your husband also will get another birth and have you as wife." She gave the assurance. The angels also consoled Rati.

Parvati was 'greatly pained at the way in which Shiva had treated her. She told her companions - "The merciful lord Shiva has not shown any kindness to me. Alas! He has gone away rejecting me. While I was coming here to the spot of his meditation every day and rendering service to him, He has disappeared without speaking a word to me. I know that he cannot be won over by mere beauty or charm but will yield only to devotion. I won't give up my devotion. I will please him with the hardest penance and draw him to myself."

When Parvati told her mother of her resolve, Mena said, "My dear daughter, you need not go out and perform penance. You have such a delicate body. Penance is a hard thing. Do stay at home and do your tapas." Mena thus tried to dissuade her. But she could not succeed.

Just then the sage Narada came there. Parvataraja told him about his daughter. The sage said, "It is not proper to come in the way of her tapas." He saw Parvati separately and told her to undertake her penance in the same place where Shiva was meditating. He taught her the great 'Panchakshari’ the five-lettered mantra (incantation) to please Shiva - "Om Namah Shivaaya and blessed her.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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