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Ask the Elders"

It was true that Shiva, whom she trusted and won over with her tapas, himself came to her and asked her to go with him. But Parvati did not think it correct to go away with him as her husband then and there. It did not seem proper to go away by herself without her parents performing the prescribed ceremonies of the marriage.

"Lord, my father Parvataraja and mother Menadevi are there. Other relatives are also there. You must come to my father and ask him for my hand in marriage. I request that the wedding be performed with the prescribed rites with the consent of elders and relatives." Shiva agreed to her words since following the custom would be a sign of culture.

Just then Ratidevi came there in tears with the sorrow of separation from her husband. She saluted them both. Parvati told Shiva - "0 Lord, her husband Kama, in his striving for the welfare of the world, has been burnt by the fire of your third eye. I have assured her that I will beg you and get her husband back. You must first give her husband.

Though Parvati was now in her happy days, she had not forgotten the sorrows of others. She did not ignore the need to remove- the sufferings of others. Shiva, who was merciful, said "Be it so.Whenever Rati wants him Manmatha will come to her even without a body and make her happy. Manmatha gave up his life so that theworld could be happy. Whenever the people of this world remember him, he will yet come unseen and do good to them. Later in the Dwapara aeon he shall be born son to Sri Krishna and will be resplendent as the true husband of Rati."

Shiva conferred his favour thus, as requested by Parvati, and then went back to Kailasa with his retinue. All hisdevotees, sages and retinue in Kailasa were overjoyed. Parvati returned to Oushadhi- prastha with her companions. As one who had won Shiva's favor, she was welcomed with great splendor.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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