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Parvati's Penance

Parvati obtained from her parents their permission and blessings. She then went to the sacred spot of Gangavatara. The same spot later came to be called the Gowri peak. Jaya and Vijaya also went with her to facilitate her tapas. Parvati's penance was rigorous. In the summer of sweltering heat she lighted fire on all four sides and did her penance amidst five fires. In the rainy season she sat on the rock in pouring rain and meditated. In winter she stood neckdeep in the cold water of the pond and meditated on Shiva. She never cared for any kind of difficulty, sorrow or pain, and focussed her mind fully on Shiva. She wore flaxen cloth with twisted hair top and chanted the mantras or prayers with the rosary in hand. She excelled the rishis or sages in going on with the penance conquering hunger and thirst. In early stages she was eating fruits; gradually she gave up that also. She ate leaves or 'parna.' Then she left off that also and got the name 'Aparna,' continuing her hard penance. Many came to her penance- grove now and then, and returned with wonder at her determination and with sympathy too.

It was the greatness and effect of Parvati's penance those all-wild animals of that forest became mild. The young of the deer rolled about on a tiger in their sleep. Venomous vipers would not bite any one. Rats played with snakes. The penance- grove was a kingdom of love, an abode of affection and kindness. But the heat generated by Parvati's tapas began toburn the angels. All of them prayed to Shiva. They appealed to him to be pleased,with Parvati and marry her.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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