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To the north of Bharata, there is the Himalayan mountain-range. It is the highest in the world and occupies thousands of miles from east to west.

From ancient times it has been a choice abode for the meditation of the sages. Baratiyas believe that it is the pleasure- haunt of the higher order of beings like the angels, the Gandharvas, the Yakshas and the Kinnaras. It is the home of different types of precious stones and rare plants like Jyotirmati which gives light. For thousands of years it has been believed that Lord Shiva’s realm of Kailasa is also there. In the plains below the Himalayas there flows the river Ganga with its clear and holy waters. It is lined on both sides with the hermitages of sages. Nearby was the hallowed town of Oushadhiprastha ruled by king Parvataraja. Being the chief of all the Himalayas, he was called 'Himavantha’.

He was a devotee of Shiva. With great respect for good men, saints and sages, he looked after Ns people justly and virtuously. He was also called Giriraja and Shailaraja. His wife was Menadevi. She was truthful and calm, devoted to her husband. After a while, they had a son by name Mainaka.

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